Chantal McFetridge – NWIWA Youth Scholarship Recipient

Chantal McFetridge

Chantal McFetridge

Northwest Indian Housing Association,


I would like to begin by thanking you for the continued support of my academic and professional aspirations. Over the past year I have been very busy as a medical student and varsity soccer player for the University of Ottawa women’s soccer team.


Academically, I have been thoroughly enjoying medical studies thus far and have gained practical medical exposure through hundreds of hours of clinical experience. I spent this past summer as an intern, working full-time, with a renown Toronto sports medicine doctor who works closely with multiple professional Toronto sports teams. In this capacity, I learned an immense amount about the field of sports medicine and injury management in elite athletes. Other areas of medicine, within which I have been acquiring clinical experience and am considering as a potential career path include family medicine and emergency/Intensive Care medicine. At this point, I am continuing to explore my medical interests and am excited to see which specialty I end up pursuing.


I have been actively involved in leadership and advocacy this past year, both in my medical faculty and the greater community. This year I accepted an assistant coaching position with the University of Ottawa varsity women’s soccer team. In this role I work closely within the coaching staff to run practices and games. The team has realized wonderful success as we have just won the Provincial Championship Title and are headed to the National Championships later this week! Within the faculty of medicine I am currently the leader of two medical student interest groups. This role involves organizing events and speakers for medical students to expand their knowledge on pertinent medical issues. I am the leader of the Exercise Is Medicine Interest Group, where we work to promote the integration of physical activity into the medical profession as a preventative and management strategy. This strategy will be especially important within Aboriginal Populations were lifestyle-based disease rates are higher than national averages. I am also the leader of the LEAP (Leadership, Education, Advocacy and Politics) medical student interest group. As a leader of this group I organize events to engage medical students with the political landscape surrounding healthcare. Additionally, I am very passionate about Aboriginal Health Issues and am a member of the Aboriginal Health Interest Group at UOttawa medicine. I make an effort to attend Aboriginal Health conferences to keep myself educated about current Aboriginal Health issues, and I maintain the personal professional goal of positively contributing to the health status of the Aboriginal population.


Looking forward I will continue to remain engaged in leadership and advocacy as I think it is paramount that health care workers are politically engaged and advocate for the health status of populations that historically have poorer health outcomes. I am excited to see what changes my involvement in Aboriginal Health advocacy may incite! Once again, I wish to warmly thank the Northwest Indian Housing Association for your generosity.




Chantal McFetridge

University of Ottawa//MD Candidate 2017